Tarte Cosmetics Blot Party Mattifying Palette


I will be honest, I am no makeup artist, so when it comes to choosing makeup I know what I like and it's not really in the realms of highlighting or contouring , it's more along the lines of natural, even coverage that compliments me and my style - oh, and whether or not it will keep oil and shine away for at least half the day!

So, I am delighted to share with you my first ever Tarte purchase! Tarte Cosmetics have been on my to-buy list for the longest time, probably since I started my blog. If you're already a fan and you've seen their range, then you'll understand it's no simple task when browsing through their collection because a) you want it all and b) because you can feel your purse glaring at you from inside your bag, judging and hoping you're not going to go too mental and splurge on the whole lot.

Their products are to die for and not only are they bright, bold and beautiful but cruelty free too! I am very happy to finally have one of their products (yep, just the one - for now) under my beauty belt: the Limited Edition Blot Party On-The-Go Mattifieran oil and shine fighting compact duo with oil-control blotting papers and finishing powder that fits easily into your bag for skin touch ups whenever you need it.

Why I love this:

  1. The packaging: pink, gold and girly - obviously this has to be number one!

  2. On the go design: it fits ideally into your bag (day, night, gym or travel) - easy peasy!

  3. Clay finishing powder + brush: The translucent powder is pressed and set so it's not messy or flaky. It's made with skin-balancing ingredients like Amazonian clay to keep away excess oil and shine, acting as the perfect makeup base, used with a simple sweep action of the brush against any oily areas and voila - oil free!

  4. Blotting sheets: this comes with 50 really cute, perfectly-sized blotting sheets made with natural hemp fibres which absorb oil quickly and easily if you need a little extra touch up through the day / night - I swear by these!


Verdict: Success!

I am usually hesitant to buy what I would call 'expensive' makeup, but when the brand is as stunning as this and it doesn't happen often, I just couldn't resist - £17.00 from £33.00 hello? It also came with the option of adding this sassy makeup bag too - absolutely love, love, love Tarte.