Cruelty Free Beauty Box - June 2018


There has never been a better time to switch up your beauty and skincare regimes with so many fantastic beauty subscription boxes out there to choose from; The Cruelty Free Beauty Box is one of them that you just have to try.

Delivered right to your door, you can have a selection like this to add to your beauty wardrobe and it's such a fantastic way to discover new brands and products, which is exactly the case with June's unboxed contents. 

Not only did it include many newbies to me, but inside was also one of my all-time favourite skincare brands which you'll be able to see below. These products are available to purchase individually from the middle of every month so if you really, really love them, there is no doubt that one of these boxes would make the perfect gift for friends and family.

I couldn't be happier with this collection and here's what I found inside:


Pure Purpose Natural Deodorant Cream

Natural deodorants are the future! This smells absolutely beautiful and is handmade right here in the UK. It's a creamy consistency that upon first impression is quite flaky, however once it's absorbed its a really lovely smooth, clear texture that works with the added ingredients of bicarbonate of soda (to inhibit bacterial growth), shea butter and coconut oil (to moisturise) and Vitamin E (to prevent skin irritation) to ensure longer lasting freshness. All you really need is a pea sized amount that you can apply with your fingertip and you're good to go.


Johnny Concert Eyeshadow

I love the versatility of wet / dry eyeshadow formula's because you can create a range of looks really easily without having to switch to anything else. This brand ensure no harsh chemicals, synthetic dyes or cheap toxic fillers make their way in to their products - just intense colour.


Friendly Soap Shea-Butter

I love soap, it's such a simple product that always works wonders for me. I think an old classic sometimes works best and this shea butter soap is definitely something I'll make use of. Their packaging is 100% plastic free, too!


Evolve Beauty Hyaluronic eye complex

Evolve Beauty is such a gorgeous, delicate range of natural skincare (my all-time favourite I mentioned earlier!) I've tried quite a few products from their range but not their Hyaluronic Eye Complex, which is a liquid consistency to use lightly around the eyes to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and puffiness. Hyaluronic acid is known to hold up to 1000 its weight in water and will help the skin look not only improved, but younger and firmer. How can you not love this!


Delune Dry Oil Body Mist

I wrote up a blog post not that long ago about mists, in particular face mists, and I completely forgot about body mists! Mists are a fab way of bringing your skin to life and this contains some really wonderful natural ingredients like Almond and Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E which all work together to smooth and hydrate the skin, absorbing into the skin immediately so you can use this before you get dressed in the mornings or to go out at night! I have been loving this in particular on my legs now the warmer weather is with us and also on my feet because for some reason they always seem to be dry! Love this stuff.

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