The Pip Box Limited Edition Cruelty Free Beauty Starter Kit


I started my cruelty free journey almost two years ago after discovering the all-too-true manufacturing process behind some of the products I was using on a daily basis.

I’m naturally sensitive and I was left in such distress that my favourite (at the time) products were created in such ways that I won’t even begin to go into and immediately began overhauling my beauty routine.

Those nearly-two-years have flown by and I’ve since discovered a whole new world of truly wonderful brands and companies, with some pretty darn good, hard working people behind the scenes bringing us the very best that cruelty free, vegan, natural, organic and generally all round environmentally conscious has to offer.

I’m talking about brands and companies that give us the wonderful opportunity to make alternative decisions about how and where we choose to spend our hard earned consumer pennies.

I’m encouraging choosing brands and companies that go the extra mile to continue to fight for what’s right by supporting them; brands like The Pip Box.


It’s easy as 1-2-3 to choose cruelty free!

Now, I know that the world of cruelty free beauty is a big one and it’s a little overwhelming at first trying to decide where to begin because everything is kinda of alien and new, but I’d say this box is pretty good place to start and I’ll help you out by showing you some brands and products that you can familiarise yourself with.

Why? Not just because of those dedicated regular monthly subscription boxes, or because a portion of each box sold is donated to an animal loving charity, or because they make the extra effort and push to go that extra mile but because they’ve teamed up with Cruelty Free International to bring us this fab Limited Edition Cruelty Free Beauty Kit, filled to the brim with incredible brands and products to get you on your way to that new 2019 beauty routine - this is past the extra mile mark if that’s even possible!

The Pip box are very, very special. Delivering high quality monthly subscription boxes filled with specifically cruelty free (some vegan too!) products which are always packaged up with care and beautifully wrapped. I would easily recommend The Pip Box as first port of call if you’re thinking of switching things up in 2019 and starting a cruelty free journey of your own.

So, let’s take a peek:

inside the pip box Limited Edition Cruelty Free Kit

Continually learning along the way: inside is a Mini Guide To Cruelty Free Beauty with myth-busters, hints and tips on shopping for ethical beauty and all you need to know about the boxed contents.

Ready to make the switch and love cruelty free beauty as much as I do? Do it for you and for the bunnies, they’ll love you and it’s a really great new years resolution for 2019!

*Gifted for an honest review and to help raise awareness for cruelty free beauty.

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