The Pip Box Cruelty Free Summer Beauty Bag

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→ £135 worth of beauty and skincare goodies for only £45!
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If you’re a fan of cruelty free and vegan beauty then you’ll already know how fantastic the range of brands and products can be and The Pip Box is no exception. And, if you’re a fan of The Pip Box already that’s wonderful but, if you aren’t then, I’ll just explain briefly who they are and what they do!

The Pip Box is a monthly beauty and skincare subscription box dedicated to cruelty free and vegan beauty only. This subscription is such a perfect way of introducing new brands and products into your life, especially if you’re thinking of switching to the more ethical side of beauty with zero cruelty to animals. Or perhaps you already have? And want to broaden your cruelty free beauty horizons?

Either way, this subscription is a fantastic helping hand and/or starting point and it’s one of my favourites to this day - yaaas.

Their limited edition collections are a prime example of their dedication to supporting cruelty free beauty, going the extra mile to make it easy for us to become aware of ethical beauty. I had the pleasure of sampling their Cruelty Free Starter Kit earlier this year, in collaboration with Cruelty Free International and in this post I’ll be talking about their sensational Summer Beauty Bag which is absolutely worth shouting about.

Hold on to your Summer hats

So there you go, I’ve given you a little bit of background about The Pip Box, so let’s move on to what’s inside this beautiful bag shall we? Pssst, this bag is literally packed with beauty products AND even the bag is Fairtrade Cotton!

Laritzy Cosmetics

Illuminating Twist Stick in ‘Utopia’
Lip Crayon in ‘Plum’

If there is one thing I love about makeup products like these, it’s the ease of which they can be used. Personally, I find lip crayons the easiest of the easy because they are quite literally like a crayon to apply (which is great for me as I do have trouble staying inside the lines!).

Push-up sticks are SO easy to use too because they are quick and perfect for going out the door. The illuminating push-up stick is fab for the cheeks and under the eyebrow areas and the lip crayon goes without saying - easy peasy, pigmented lip colour that looks stunning!

Faith In Nature

Dragon Fruit Body Wash (Travel Sized)

You’ll find Faith In Nature in the Cruelty Free International official certified cruelty free brands, just FYI and these guys have been around for a long while now so they are a good, trusty, loyal brand you can count on to be kind to animals.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Dragon fruit, it’s the round fruit that’s spotty/dotty on the inside and it smells absolutely beautiful.

You can even use this under running water for your bath (don’t mind if I do!) and you can even pop it in your travel bag as it’s 100ml - perfect.

Medusa’s Makeup

Witch Lash Waterproof Thickening Black Mascara

I had the opportunity to try Medusa’s Makeup Witch Lash mascara in a previous Pip Box a while back and I used it to death, so I'm stoked to find their Waterproof thickening mascara inside the bag!

My favourite style of mascara wands are the ones which come out clean, which is the best way I can think of to describe it. Mascaras like this are fab for evenly pulling the lashes upwards in one go and I’m sure I’m going to love this one just as much.

Bali Balm

Lemon & Black Pepper Lip Balm

I’ve tried the Bergamot and Grapefruit Bali Balm previously so this one is new to me. I had a little try and it has a very subtle tingly effect which I just love because you can feel it working! This is 100% natural and vegan friendly.

TanOrganic & Green People

SPF 15 Sun Lotion & Tan Accelerator
Self Tan Oil (Travel Sized)

For a long time I’ve been thinking about how best I can treat my skin more naturally and non-toxic-ly when it comes to tanning and SPF protection. There are lots of sneaky little chemicals kicking about that we aren’t always aware of and for sensitive skin suffers like myself these chemicals can upset already sad skin situations. Products like these are perfect and are new brands to me - both non-greasy and over 80% natural/organic. Lovely!

Phase Zero & Manna Kadar

Phase Zero ‘Pink Champagne’ Shimmer Eyeshadow
Manna Kadar ‘Radiance’ Split Bronzer + Highlighter

I am the biggest fan of natural looking makeup, it just works every day and compliments any look. It’s also easier to start with less and if you want to build up to a more dramatic look you can.

Both of these are velvety in texture and quite solid so the glittery-ness doesn’t end up everywhere - a win for me!

Vintage Cosmetic Company

Precision Eyeshadow Brush

What good is a beautiful eyeshadow if you haven’t got the tools to apply it? This brush is a multi-purpose brush made with super soft synthetic bristles, perfect for blending, building and getting creative with your eyeshadow. Really pretty packaging too!

Urban Veda

Exfoliating Facial Polish (Travel Sized)

I’ve come across way too many harsh exfoliants and have mistreated the skin on my face in the past thinking that was how exfoliators were meant to be - nope!

Facial polishes like these are mildly abrasive, so they will delicately remove dead skin cells and buff the surface of the skin to reveal brighter, softer skin (rather than stripping or tearing!). This is the second product I’ve discovered from Urban Veda thanks to The Pip Box which I am very happy about!

Corpore Sanctum

‘Tonify Me Bunny’ Toner

Another completely new brand to me, a really cutely packaged toner to balance and refine the skin, reducing the appearance of pores with a good old dose of Vitamin C - my favourite ingredient!

So, what do we think? 12 handpicked cruelty free beauty and skincare products worth £135 - and all yours for only £45 - a little bit too good to resist!


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