The Salt Parlour Salt Body Scrubs Review

One of my absolute essential skincare products is an exfoliator and since embarking on a more natural beauty journey, I try very hard to consciously steer clear of all those teeny, tiny plastic particles impersonating 'natural' grains that are supposed to be beneficial to our skin - and all they really achieve is damage to the surface of our skin (if used too often, of course). 


I absolutely adore the The Salt Parlour and just had to do a post dedicated to my love for them! Cruelty-free, vegan, earth friendly and leaves your skin feeling out of this world with 100% natural ingredients that are kind to your skin and the environment - all that packaged into one tin. 

There are so many 'body-scrub' products out there which claim to be natural etc but in truth contain plastic micro-beads and all kinds of nasties which not only end up on our skin, but down our plugholes and into our oceans - I can't actually believe in the past I have been one of those people using products like this as I didn't know any better.

I have always been a fan of exfoliating because of my skin type and these scrubs quite literally bring your skin to life. Usually, after exfoliation your skin can feel tight and dry, but because these scrubs have natural oils in them (such as avocado and jojoba) your skin gets a beautiful buff and is left feeling moisturised afterwards and unbelievably soft. 

The Salt Parlour scrubs are handmade right here in the UK with dead sea salts, organic vitamins, minerals and cold pressed oils such as Avocado, Jojoba etc. These scrubs contain Organic Sulphur which is also known as 'The Beauty Mineral' to promote circulation, decrease inflammation and support collagen production - all this in perfect sized tins which look lovely sitting in on the bathroom shelf (and you can also use these to store things in when it's empty!).

I have been lucky enough to try most of the scrubs from their range and they are all equally as wonderful as eachother, so much so that I've just purchased myself another tin. 

Their 'Energise' Lime & Avocado scrub smells incredible and was one of my very first cruelty-free discoveries - and my very first purchase! I've been lucky enough to try quite a few of their scrubs and I rate them so highly that I've just purchased myself yet another tin. 

If you're wondering what you can expect from The Salt Parlour, I'll show you:

Calm: Rose & Shea Butter

Salt Parlour Rose Scrub.jpg

Repair: Jasmine, Matcha & Green Tea

The tannins present in matcha green tea help to protect your skin from pollution and the high caffeine content stimulates blood flow targeting cellulite, stretch marks and troubled skin conditions. Combined with Jasmine Oil this scrub will arouse your senses and help you to regain your energy when feeling stressed or tired. Ideal for the non coffee lovers!


Stimulate: Coffee & Coconut

It's difficult not to be a fan of coffee scrubs for their cellulite targeting boosting qualities. This has nourishing organic cold-pressed coconut oil and the high caffeine content stimulates blood flow, targeting cellulite, stretch marks and troubled skin conditions, and the fragrance will definitely perk up your senses! Just remember to wash the bath/shower round afterwards!