The Pip Box Review - January

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I absolutely adore The Pip Box, they get it right every time. They were actually the very first cruelty-free beauty box I discovered when I started choosing conscious beauty last year and it's such a brilliant way of introducing new brands into your life, or even introducing yourself to new products that you haven't tried from brands you already love.

Their boxes are always presented so beautifully and everything is wrapped so delicately and hand-finished so it's always a real treat unboxing the contents! If you haven't yet heard of The Pip Box, they are a cruelty-free monthly subscription box which feature five beauty and skincare products, from full sized to travel sized (which I think is fab as it's always handy to have smaller products which you can take away with you or keep in your bag!). 50p from every purchase is put towards an animal friendly charity which is simply wonderful. 

I could not contain my excitement when I popped the lid open on January's box (cue the squeals). There are a couple of favourites I've already tried and loved from Greenfrog Botanic and BalmBalm and I was delighted to find Opitat as I've been eager to try their range for such a long time! Two other new brands for me are Medusa's Makeup and Lucky Cloud skincare and here's a peek at all of the incredible beauty and skincare goodies featured inside this months box:


Witch Lash Black Mascara

I am so fussy when it comes to mascara's and the wand is very, very important if it's going to be a mascara I stick with. I like thinner style brushes with small, rubbery style fibres as I find they are less likely to clump when you pull the brush from the tube. I think you can always spot a decent mascara by how clean the brush comes out, and just look at this one - how perfect (and clean!) does this look? It's just perfect for me and I will be using this from now on. Hear that, Medusa's Makeup? You've got a winner here!

Exfoliating Hibiscus Face Mask

I discovered the lovely BalmBalm range last year and am keen to try more this year for sure. This is a beautiful little tub of Hibiscus face-mask solution, which when mixed with water creates a paste which you apply like you would any other face mask. This is the first time I have tried a dry consistency which isn't ready-mixed, but I think I actually prefer it this way as I am a messy pup and it always ends up everywhere but I stayed relatively civilised with this! Hibiscus is a great natural exfoliator and helps to draw out impurities - voila!

Vanilla Lip Butter

Ohh my goodness, they say good things come in small packages and I am really excited about this one! It's the best ever lip balm I have come across to date (and I've certainly tried a few!) and the smell is out of this world. It shouldn't be that it contains all natural seed oils like sweet almond and coconut and is so, so beautiful. 

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Rose & Neroli Bodywash

I am becoming increasingly conscious about what I am putting onto my skin, and have found that natural ingredients do my skin the world of good as I suffer with sensitive skin and there is nothing better for me personally than natural contents as they help maintain the balance. This body wash contains Rose and Neroli with a generous helping of Aloe Vera to help soothe the skin. To top it all off, Greenfrog Botanic are wonderfully certified cruelty-free with the leaping bunny logo! 


The Hungover Coffee Scrub

Opitat are one of those brands who I have been keeping my eye on for so long, and had yet to get round to actually trying them! I am a big, big fan of exfoliation (and caffeine, ahem) and this Potent Peppermint Coffee Scrub is spot on at bringing my skin to life in the mornings (even if the bath or shower does look questionable afterwards!). It's quite literally a caffeine fix for your skin with a minty freshness and it makes my skin feel all tingly, a feeling which I quite like!


*This box was gifted for an honest review and to help spread the word about cruelty free beauty.

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