Topshop beauty is back - and it's now cruelty free, too


topshop is back and is now cruelty free

The Topshop beauty line has been overhauled and recently unveiled its fresh new make-over (no pun intended) last month with brand new, minimalistic, sleek and elegant packaging.

if that isn’t quite enough, as a huge, massive and amazing plus they are now Leaping Bunny certified cruelty free, too!

This is such great news for ethical, conscious beauty champions like yourself and even greater news for the bunnies and animals.

The beauty industry is always steadily changing and there has been a positive response and higher demand for cruelty free products. We as consumers are becoming more aware of what we’re using and have the option to choose ethically and consciously when it comes to beauty and skincare.

Topshop joins a number of brands this year whose beauty collections have become certified cruelty free and I really like the direction this is all heading in.


topshop beauty is back and is looking fab

After steadily reducing their stock across their stores and online, Topshop have now reintroduced their beauty range and are back with a bang, bring us a wider ranger of products in gorgeous sleek, elegant new packaging. You’ll find firm favourites in this range like nail polish, bronzers, blushes and a beautiful selection of lipsticks shades (keep reading to find out more about this!) - and of course you’ll see that reassuring Leaping Bunny logo on the back of all the products.

okay, but just how fab are we talking, here?

Well, I’m glad you asked!

Despite already being a big Topshop fashion fan, their makeup and beauty range is one that, for some reason I had yet to try. That’s all about to change and will be sharing with you some of the products from their makeup range that I’ll be trying, testing and hopefully loving.

So, to give you a glimpse of that fabulousness I keep talking about I’ve picked four of their matte lipsticks to show you and here’s why I think these are so very, very worthwhile indeed.

Each of their matte lipsticks are super soft to the touch and glide on beautifully and as a big plus (and if you’re clumsy like me and end up getting everything everywhere) then these are perfectly shaped for the contours of the lips - yes! They look almost abrasive to the eye, but the consistency is velvety and mega-matte.

I love the staying power of matte lipsticks and this lot are no exception. With highly pigmented, striking colours they are such a makeup must-have.


Topshop Matte Lipstick

Shade: Distort


Topshop Matte Lipstick

Shade: Beguiled

If you decide to try these, bear in mind that not only are you going to look gorgeous but you’ll also be supporting zero tolerance to animal cruelty at any stage of beauty product development - go you! Beauty really doesn’t need to be brutal in order to make us look good.

quick roundup of reasons why i love topshop matte lipstick

  • Cruelty free

  • Flawless coverage

  • Super soft + mega matte finish

  • Shaped to meet the contours of your lips

  • Highly pigmented colour

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*Gifted as a Topshop Brand Ambassador and for an honest review and to raise awareness for cruelty free beauty.