Topshop Beauty Is Back and Now Cruelty Free

Topshop beauty is back and it’s more gorgeous than ever. After gradually scaling back their beauty line completely, you’ll find they have now reintroduced the whole lot with super-sleek and sophisticated packaging - and a Leaping Bunny official cruelty free guarantee. It’s all looking very pretty indeed and it looks a little bit like this…


Quite stunning, isn’t it?

Topshop now joins a number of companies who have upgraded their beauty collections to allow us to make the choice of cruelty free beauty.

The beauty industry is steadily changing and the most recent years have seen increasing demand for cruelty free beauty, skincare and makeup products. We as consumers are becoming more aware of what we’re using and have the option to choose ethically and consciously when it comes to beauty and skincare and I love that brands, just like Topshop haven taken note.

All their makeup products have been completely revamped and among their range you’ll find popular beauty trending favourites like matte lipsticks, highlighters and staple, traditional favourites like nail polish, mascara and foundations.

Shade: Tease

Shade: Tease


I love the weightless feeling of matte lipsticks and these are no exception.

Highly pigmented, striking colours these are such a great addition to any beauty wardrobe. Interestingly, they look almost abrasive to the eye, but the consistency is velvety with a mega-matte finish once it’s on.

  • Flawless coverage

  • Super soft application

  • Shine free, matte finish

  • Shaped to meet the contours of your lips

  • Highly pigmented colour

Each of their matte lipsticks are super soft to the touch and glide on beautifully and as a big plus (and if you’re clumsy like me and end up getting everything everywhere) then these are perfectly shaped for the contours of the lips.

Shade: Affinity

Shade: Affinity


Lip balm: one for every pocket, amiright?

Clear and translucent on application but metallic to the eye inside the pot, this is great if you’re feeling like keeping makeup to a minimum (quite often the case for me) and it smells just like Vanilla - perfect.

  • Vanilla balm

  • Clear, naturally looking finish

  • Nourishing and moisturising

Lip balm is just one of those beauty necessities that I can’t be without no matter what time of year it is and this little pot of gold is perfect for keeping my lips well looked after.


Now, I’m no stranger to the benefits of using a highlighter but I am still getting to now the process of applying it, which is why I’m sampling both the powder and liquid drops to see which is the best fit for me.


This packs a punch when it comes to intensity. How a very subtle dusting achieves a bright and bold look I’ll never know. This is fab if you’re going for a fully inclusive makeup look with all the works and popping underneath the eyebrow arch to accentuate that. See, I do know some stuff.

Liquid Drops

I’ve avoided dewy makeup products since I convinced myself they would escalate my already very oily skin situation and somehow accentuate shine. Turns out, the liquid drops work very well when creating that healthy, warm glow I see so often and I needn’t have worried.

I think I prefer the drops as you only need a few dotted points over areas that naturally hit the light and it illuminates the skin t - ideal if you’re a fan of a more natural look like I am.



This range amazes me as it’s not quite what it seems to the eye. The lipsticks look abrasive but are softer than anything, the lip balm looks metallic but is clear and translucent. It’s like makeup magic!

So, what do you think? Will you be giving Topshop beauty a try?

*Gifted as a Topshop Brand Ambassador and for an honest review and to raise awareness for cruelty free beauty.