Veauty Box Review - August


Veauty Is Cruelty Free Heaven!

Due to my daily routine involving rather a lot of beauty and skincare products, the importance of choosing sustainably and environmentally friendly is higher than ever right now. There are some fab brands, products and companies (just like Veauty) which are becoming very popular, which is great as it means we as consumers now have the opportunity to choose more consciously not only with ingredients, but packaging and waste too. Companies like Veauty are working hard at bringing us cruelty free, vegan and eco-friendly beauty and skincare which not only do their bit for us, but the environment too and as you can see they do it very, very well indeed!

I've come across many products which I've found unsuitable, but I can safely say that is not the case with Veauty and everything I've used has been a success. If you want to see my latest discoveries then look no further because here they are and as always, they are fab.


BubbleOff! Unicorn Horn

Unicorn Horn Bath Bomb

Just look at the prettyyyy colours! If you have read my last Veauty post then you will understand my excitement for BubbleOff! who create some really fab handmade, cruelty free and vegan bath-time and skincare products which, as a bath lover myself, is just pure heaven. They are a brand that was new to me at the time, but now I've tried something else from their range they will certainly be held in mind for the future.

This a Unicorn Horn bath bomb and it smells just incredible. It's made with Shea Butter (which I love) so your skin is left lovely and soft and the bath water has that fun rainbow-like effect running through it.

I also have really sensitive skin and these are not made with any of those harsh foam / fizz chemicals that you find in most bath bombs which cause reactions for me. It also comes just like this, with zero packaging so once it's used you haven't contributed to any waste and as it's made with natural ingredients it's much, much kinder to the environment - because it just disappears!


Maggie Anne
Nail Polish

Shade: Unda

Maggie Anne is the very first non-toxic and vegan brand of nail polish I discovered since moving to a more conscious beauty regime. Non-toxic nail polish means it's free of artificial chemicals (toxins) that are commonly found in most nail polishes (Tulene, Dibutyl and Phthalates) and these really aren't going to do the health of your nails any favours, especially if you wear varnish regularly like I do. Maggie Anne name all their colours with actual names and here we have 'Unda' and isn't she just so classy and elegant? The consistency is really easy to apply too and leaves such even coverage with no streaks This will go with anything and I think I'll even do my toes, too.