Veauty Box Review - July

You guys, I am so excited about June's products from Veauty's online cruelty free and vegan beauty store and these products are the reason why.

There couldn't be more importance placed on on using sustainable and environmental friendly companies, brands and products right now, which are (to my delight) becoming so popular. There are so many advocates out there doing their bit not only for us but for the environment too and this months selection from Veauty is bringing me just that, so let's see what June has in store:


Bubbleoff! Lavender Massage Candle

If there is one thing in this world that I insist on for my self care, it's relaxation. For me, it's vital that I make the time to slow my mind and body down and bring myself back to balance. It works wonders for me and it's something I find very important. So, you can imagine how delighted I was to discover BubbleOff! - a Lavender scented massage candle that's not only a candle, because when melted you can use it on your skin.


I know what you're thinking because I am thinking it too, how unusual is this? But I love discovering unusual products, especially those which have more than one use. This 'candle' is handmade right here in the UK and is enriched with some fantastic skin nourishing ingredients like Shea and Cocoa Butter and oils like Avocado so once it's all melting away like a candle does, you can actually use the oil as a luxurious massage oil - how cool is that?

So whilst it's busy making the room smell beautiful (which it absolutely does, be patient because it takes ten minutes or so before you can smell the lovely Lavender!) but it's also getting your skin ready for a real treat. But, because I am so ditzy I'll have to really pay attention and make sure I don't get confused with another regular candle or that could really ruin my attempts to relax...

How to use:

Light candle and let the butters and oils melt into a warm sumptuous massage oil. You can then drizzle the oils straight onto the skin for a luxurious oil massage, or as a Vitamin E rich lotion for manicures and pedicures or even as a moisturising lotion for cuticles, feet, elbows or dry skin anywhere and even unmelted as a body balm!


Inika Black Mascara [Vegan]

Mascara - it's my one of my beauty essentials that I can't be without if all else fails. I have come across some really fantastic ones and some not-so-fantastic ones, but let me tell you the Inika Long Lash Mascara is not one of the latter. I've been meaning to try something from the Inika range for some time now and really pleased I've had the opportunity to.


The brush comes out lovely and clean when removed from the tube (which you'll already know pleases me no end when it comes to mascara's) and it has a truly clump-free, silky soft texture when applied to the lashes. I have really sensitive eyes, and right now with the warmer weather and allergies out in full force this couldn't be more ideal as it's more than suitable for sensitive eyes with extra strong staying power and coats each lash without needing to apply too much - even better for allergies! Oh, and it's vegan which means it's fabulously free of any animal derivatives.

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