Vertue Box Review - April

This box is something pretty special, just take a look at this lot...

Did you know the month of April is dedicated to this gorgeous planet we live on? Yes, that's right, April is Earth Month and to show support April's Vertue Box was themed perfectly with sustainable, natural products from brands which are a fantastic example of just how incredible nature is at being part of our beauty and skincare routines. I'm talking Pacifica, Earth Harbour Naturals, Seatox, The Salt Parlour (one of my loves!) and Hydrea - all of which are available to purchase on the Vertue Box Beauty and Skincare Shop, along with so many other incredible items. 

I say it time and time again, and I think I'll just make sure I say it every time I review a beauty or skincare subscription box because I think it's true and good things need repeating; these boxes are one of the best ways you can introduce yourself to new brands and products and that's exactly what The Vertue Box have done yet again.

Every time I've received one of these fantastic boxes, I have been just as pleased with the contents. All the products inside are ideal for absolutely anybody and they are always packaged with care. So, let's take a better look at what April's edition had in store:


The Salt Parlour


The Salt Parlour scrubs are one of my absolute essential skincare products. These are fab natural exfoliating particles and since embarking on a more natural beauty journey, I try very hard to consciously steer clear of all those teeny, tiny plastic particles impersonating 'natural' grains that are supposed to be beneficial to our skin - and all they really achieve is the opposite, usually damaging and stripping the skin in the process. 

I absolutely adore the The Salt Parlour and was over the moon to find the Lime & Avocado scrub inside this months box. They are cruelty-free, vegan, earth friendly and every single one of their scrubs leave your skin feeling out of this world. With 100% natural oils that are kind to your skin and the environment, they have this fantastic way of leaving your skin feeling moisturised after exfoliation, so you can leave it right there as your skin has everything is needs and it smells amazing, and away you go!

Key ingredients: Dead SEa Salt, Coconut Oil, Lime Oil, Avocado Oil


Earth Harbour Naturals


This packaging though, isn't it just so elegant and beautiful? I do love a facemist and think they are the perfect solution to giving your pores a breather and are also fab for the hotter months to keep you feeling refreshed. This is the first time I've tried anything from Earth Harbour and as first impressions go, it won't be the last!

As you can see, there are some very simple, organically sourced ingredients inside such as Rose, Hibiscus and Seaweed which all work together in a beautifully balanced blend without being overpowering or too watery. These extracts are naturally youth-boosting and rich in anti-oxidants and suitable for all skin types (music to my ears) and it's versatile enough for use as a toner / hydrator before your moisturiser. 

Key ingredients: Rose Floral Water, Hibiscus and White Tea Extracts


Pacifica Natural Eye Shadow Palette

A stunning selection of four highly pigmented, versatile mineral eye shadow shades, all infused with coconut water to help create a long-lasting, crease-free finish to a range of looks. These colours are perfect for creating a range of looks - wet and dry, depending on what you're going for.

To give you an idea of just how versatile these four are, you can use Coral (second right) as a highlighter or base,  Urchin (far right) dry as an eye shadow colour or wet to create a sultry look as liner, which you can even smudge as a less intense alternative to black and because they are all pigmented with a little gold, each shade has just the right amount of shimmer to keep it glam. Vegan friendly, too! 

Key ingredients: Natural Coconut Water


Seatox 'Selkie Smooth' Seaweed Bath


A completely new one to me, but I am a beach (and bath!) lover and I am not afraid of anything which comes from the sea (there is after all, a lot of it on our planet!). This sustainably harvested 100% organic Fucus Serratus seaweed is packed full of essential vitamins like Iodine and magnesium and even contains an incredible amount of retinol (otherwise known as Vitamin A, a wonderful enhancer for youthful and supple skin. By adding this to your bath, you're allowing all that natural goodness to detox and rejuvenate and all you've got to do is sit back and let your skin do the work, absorbing those powerful sea nutrients. How incredible is this?

Key ingredients: Retinol (Vitamin A), Iodine and Magensium

Seatox 'Kelp Help' Wild Kelp Powder

Much like the Selkie Smooth Seaweed bath, this is also bursting with essential vitamins and minerals like Iron, magnesium, calcium and zinc but comes in the form of a fab super food supplement! This makes a perfect addition to any fitness or workouts regime and will help restore nutrients used up from exercise (also recommended those following a plant-based diet). You can also get creative with it, so add a pinch to smoothies, juices or cooking so keep an eye out for their recipes!

Key ingredients: Iodine (keep track of consumption on this one), Calcium and Zinc


Hydrea Silk Sea Sponge

I highly rate natural cleansers as I have very reactive, sensitive skin and quite often have to adopt a less is more approach until my skin calms down, which is usually over a few days or so. Natural sponges like these are the perfect way to do it and as they are delicate enough, they can provide gentle exfoliation and deep cleansing all in one go without causing any damage to your skin. Proper care of this little sponge should ensure a good year's usage too, if not longer!