White Rabbit Skincare Review: Moisturising

Oh no, both of these look good enough to eat don't they? If you love frosting, mousse and you love looking after your skin then you're going to love these two. First impressions were a) blown away at how gorgeous the colour of the day cream is and b) how both textures resemble some sort of frosting or mousse, where the line between wanting to eat something and knowing you can't is very fine. 

So, I will stick to using them on my skin, which is exactly what I did and here are my thoughts on each of these beautiful face creams:

Left: Night Cream / Right: Day Cream

Left: Night Cream / Right: Day Cream

It's All About ME Night Cream

I am a big advocate for the benefits of night cream as when the skin relaxes (which is when we are lovely and relaxed, tucked up in bed!) it's able to absorb products more efficiently, so that's why the White Rabbit Night Cream with added shea butter is  so using them before bed is, for me, the perfect way to give my skin what it needs. It's designed specifically for night shifts, to focus on firming and improving skin elasticity, whilst at the same time ensuring any irritated or sore areas are treated with a lot of TLC.

It has a beautiful, lightly-whipped texture which smells beautiful as soon as you remove the lid. The fact it's whipped shows me that the consistency is light and won't clog the pores or cause my skin to look and feel like I have a slimy layer coating the surface.

If all that isn't enough, by purchasing this little tin you are helping fund research into M.E (Myalgic encephalomyelitis - commonly known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). Is this, or is this not a little gem? I think most definitely, yes it is!


Rosehip & Camellia Day Cream

This is packing some intense colour, I tell you! This is the day cream for sensitive skin and is a gentle formula designed to hydrate and soften - and is completely true to its word with key ingredients like Camellia oil (responsible for that gorgeous yellow tint), Rosehip and Apricot Kernel which all work in perfect harmony to calm the skin, which is ideal for my prone-to-redness skin type.

I am really fussy when it comes to the texture of day creams as some require a wash of the hands afterwards (maybe it's just me) to get rid of the greasy feeling, but there is no need with this, it absorbs beautifully during and after application!

The added rose water works to sooth any dry, inflamed or irritated areas as this is a fantastic anti-inflammatory ingredient and is spot on for during the day when your skin is exposed to the sometimes harsh environmental elements.

Nature works in mysterious, yet wonderful ways doesn't it? These tins are packing some serious skin saviours and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend White Rabbit Skincare to anybody.