White Rabbit Skincare Review: Cleansing


I am delighted to announce my collaboration with White Rabbit Skincare, joining their team as a Brand Ambassador. I couldn't be more excited because wonderful companies like this are everything I aim to raise awareness for - lovingly handmade with natural ingredients that do us the world of good with absolutely no animal testing or animal derivatives and certainly no nasty chemicals or additives. They are certified cruelty free and vegan with PETA and that's absolutely good enough for me. 

For me, I want my skin to look good all the time, but I don't always want to put the time in (or don't feel like I want to put the time in). Depending on your priorities, it's worth bearing in mind that a decent skincare routine doesn't actually take that much longer than a quick whip around with a face wipe (which doesn't particularly do much for me other than superficially remove makeup) and I feel tons better afterwards, especially in the mornings. 

I am a firm believer that if you're going to do something, do it right. So, with that in mind and as part of my dedication this year to following a purposeful skincare regime here is my White Rabbit Skincare review and I have three wonderful products which I've been trying (in the order I've been using them), so you've come to the right place to find out more which I am assuming is why you're here!

Featured: White Rabbit Lime & Coconut Cleansing Water, Orange & Aloe Toner & Shea Butter Comfort Cleansing Balm

Featured: White Rabbit Lime & Coconut Cleansing Water, Orange & Aloe Toner & Shea Butter Comfort Cleansing Balm

Lime & Coconut Cleansing Water

As I mentioned above, a skincare routine (whether it be to remove and rid the skin of makeup or just to generally care for your skin if you're not all that in to makeup) has to actually work and have a purpose to achieving a certain level of skin-happiness.

It could be a psychological thing, but I find using a purpose-made product like this cleansing water actually makes all the difference. I'll be honest, the initial scent of Lime and Coconut caught me off guard as it's not a combination I have tried skin-wise, so it was a little unexpected. It's cloudy and creamy in texture and very soothing too. 

However, the two actually work really well together to energise the skin and prep it. I used it with a cotton wool pad and left it at that, ready to move on to the next stage which is my favourite bit - the cleansing balm!

Featured: Lime & Coconut Cleansing Water

Featured: Lime & Coconut Cleansing Water

Comfort Cleansing Balm

I am a recent convert to cleansing balms. After a long time assuming they were just a gimmick and wouldn't really provide any other benefits than a general cleanser would, I have been pleasantly surprised as they leave skin feeling like heaven and have a little bit of exfoliating action going on!

I have oily skin and ensuring my skin gets the right balance by giving it what it needs is essential to keeping that oil at bay. I like to keep things simple and this cleansing balm works wonders at penetrating a little deeper than the cleansing water, getting right involved in all those stubborn pores and then leaving the skin feeling soft and supple afterward and doesn't dry it out and leave me wanting to grab moisturiser straight away. 

This contains naturally calming ingredients like Lavender and Shea Butter which is your skin's best friend. I personally like to use this with my fingers as it gives the skin a little warm up (especially on the cold mornings!) and rinse/wipe with a muslin cloth or flannel.

Featured: Comfort Cleansing Balm (Key Ingredients, Shea Butter, Eucalyptus and Lavender for calming the skin if it needs a little extra TLC!

Featured: Comfort Cleansing Balm (Key Ingredients, Shea Butter, Eucalyptus and Lavender for calming the skin if it needs a little extra TLC!

Orange & Aloe Toner

This skin toner is just beautiful, it smells so refreshing and it really leaves the skin feeling revitalised (not a word I use to to describe products all that often!).

It's a fantastic multi-way toner and whilst you could use the spray to give your face a little sprit to finish everything off, I will say at this time of year that's not going to be ideal as the last thing you'll want is a hit of cold on your body, anywhere!

So, you can even use this with a cotton wool pad and just apply it that way. How good is that? You can literally take this with you through cold weather conditions right into warmer temperatures like Summer and holidays and take advantage of a refreshing, cooling spritz.

White Rabbit Orange Aloe Toner.JPG

For my skin type, part of understanding the importance of following a skincare routine through from start to finish is understanding why. It would be a shame not to use each of these products together, as I think you'd be missing out on the benefits that each can bring. There isn't much point in using a cleanser, if you're not planning on toning the skin afterwards and vice versa. 

I hope you've enjoyed reading, keep an eye out for next months set of products which I am even more excited to try. Perhaps it will be a little warmer by then!...