Why Mineral Makeup Is Ideal For Sensitive, Reactive Skin


If you're anything like me and have large pores and oily/combination skin, then you'll know how difficult it is to keep skin matte and shine-free. More often than not, I find cream and liquid foundations only seem to aggravate my skin more, leaving me back at square one. 

One of my skin saviours so far has been my introduction to mineral makeup powders (thanks to The English Mineral Makeup Co whose praises I will continue to sing as they are just so beautiful, they pretty much represent the true meaning of an 'English Rose'). I have also recently discovered BellaPierre whose Mineral Shimmer Powder featured in December's edition of the Natural Beauty Box, which I am very much looking forward to experimenting with.


I am a firm believer of treating your body on the outside as you would on the inside and I still struggle to believe how chemicals, dyes and synthetic rubbish end up in our beauty products and then end up on our skin and into our bodies! I also don't believe for a second they do us any good at all with their advertised 'qualities' and think they do us more harm than good. It's worth keeping an eye out for brands you may not have necessarily heard of, as it's those which I like to think are hidden gems just waiting to be found!

So, why choose mineral makeup?

So, with all that in mind I thought it would be a good idea to highlight the benefits I have found from using this particular type of makeup and why I would highly recommend it to anybody looking to change up their beauty regime this year:

Featured: Bellapierre Mineral Shimmer Eyeshadow

Featured: Bellapierre Mineral Shimmer Eyeshadow

1. Coverage & Correction

The absolute top reason why I would encourage anyone to try a mineral powder, especially when talking about foundation, is the coverage and colour correction. I was more than pleasantly surprised to find that with even the the lightest application, it provides the right balance with high coloured pigments (especially in mineral blush) which help keep redness to a minimum and the skin matte. 

2. Let's Those Pores Breathe!

I am an avid sufferer of oily skin and no matter how hard I try, there isn't really anything I can do to change it as that oil just keeps on breaking through. However, I will continue to look into ways to at least manage it, or reduce the oil production - and one of those ways is to use gentler products like mineral makeup, that allow the skin to breathe and that are free from any harsh chemicals and additives. 

3. Oh So Gentle

Mineral makeup is such a gentle yet effective method of enhancing natural beautiful skin. I think nature has pretty much given us everything we need for beauty - we just need to continue using that to our advantage to accentuate what we already have.

The mineral makeup brands I have tried so far (EMM and BellaPierre) are all free from parabens, mineral oil, perfumes, fragrances, dyes, talc etc - all those additives that can cause skin irritation and allergies which means you can use after skin treatments such as peels or laser therapy and you can, if you really wanted to, sleep without taking it off! Hurrah! (maybe not so great for the pillowcase, though).

4. Quality & Superiority (posh!)

Before I continue, any decent brand worth it's salt doesn't come particularly cheap. So if you are looking for budget brands, I wouldn't say this is where you need to be. However, I am a huge fan of anything which actually works and for me the price usually reflects that and the value of this is not necessarily just related to the price. It's like a refined version of what makeup should be. 

5. Long Lasting

Loose mineral powders are so light and weightless, with a gorgeous flawless finish and you only need the tiniest amount of blush to create beautiful colour on your cheeks and the lightest application of foundation pigment across your skin to give a perfectly even coverage. So, this in effect means it lasts (and if you want to look at it this way, justifies that higher price).