Natural Deodorants: Are They Worth The Hype?

They are everywhere, but what really is the deal with natural deodorants? Or are they the pits? (sorry, couldn’t help myself)

Are they really just as good as the leading brands which claim to offer 48 hour protection? (Speaking of, why exactly do we require a deodorant to offer protection for 48 hours? Do they expect us not to wash for two days?

Anyway, as a regular gym frequenter and all-round clean skincare fan I’ve been treating my underarms to an all natural overhaul recently whilst I decide whether or not I’m in it for the long run when it comes to natural deodorant.

It’s evident to see that as a society we’re becoming more aware of what’s inside the products we’re using and beauty / skincare brands are catching on.

They can see we’re thinking twice about what we’re choosing to use on our skin and that were gradually educating ourselves on certain ingredients.

Though I’m curious as to why we’re still not yet 100% sold on the effectiveness of natural deodorant.

Featured: The Natural Deodorant Co.

Featured: The Natural Deodorant Co.

why opt for natural deodorant?

When it comes to switching up skincare in this way, it’s worth keeping an open mind. You’ll win some and lose some and if you don’t go in with high expectations (like I am guilty of doing a fair bit) then it’s quite a fun thing to do. 

It seems the word 'natural' is thrown about nowdays to lead us into thinking a product is full of natural, organic qualities and some of the leading brands are guilty of this. 

All to often products labelled as natural / cruelty free / vegan are misleading and are a marketing ploy (those pesky things!) to get our attention and it can often be a case of good old fashioned smoke and mirrors.

Would I be concerned to find something like aluminium in my deodorant and its links to cases of cancer? Of course. Would this make me think twice about using the same deodorant again? You bet. Would this also intrigue me enough to switch to products which don’t contain aluminium, amongst other potentially harmful ingredients? Yes, I think it would.

Main qualities to note in natural deodorants are popular naturally sourced ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter - these nourish and treat the skin, and you’ll find magnesium oxide and sodium bicarbonate are there to control perspiration and odour.

always do a patch test!

Before I continue, it’s always wise to test new products first on an inconspicuous area of your skin before fully committing, just to be on the safe side.

I have highly sensitive skin and I’ve lost count how many times I’ve gone steaming ahead with products regardless of whether or not my skin may or may not agree with a certain ingredient, only to end up making my skin rather upset and angry.

I’ve also found myself falling into a pattern of shaving my underarms too regularly which results in sore and quite uncomfortable pits!

I now regularly give them a gentle exfoliate too which helps to keep them happy and always make sure I give products a little trial run first.

There’s no rush, so take your time when experiencing new beauty products because it could be your new skincare saviour.

The only way to know if you truly gel with something is to spend some time getting to know it, so coming up are two natural deodorants I’ve tried, tested and loved.

I can vouch for the effectiveness of clean skincare if used with a dedicated effort. I can say with confidence that the following natural deodorants are worth trying and you’ll may not expect these to come in the form of balms and creams, in cute little pots rather than a roll-on.



The texture of this is absolutely beautiful. It’s really light, in a whipped-like consistency which absorbs really quickly into the skin as soon as it touches. I’ve been applying only a small pea sized amount (yes, you need to get your hands involved) and so far, so good! I’ve never had any problems and it’s kept me fresh all day long, even after a workout.



When life gives you lemons, you make deodorant! Another gorgeous light and delicate texture. If you love the smell of anything citrusy then you’ll love this Vitamin E and Lemon Essential Oil combo. Such a match for my sensitive skin and I’ve never had any negative vibes from this one either - I’m just sad the pot is now empty!

These are applied to clean, fresh underarms with the fingers - all you need is a pea sized amount (and make sure it’s massaged in all the way, yes you have to get your hands involved!)

You’d apply a product to your face or body with your hands so why should underarms be any different?

So, what do you think? Will you be giving natural deodorant a go this year?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!