It is my main focus to help raise awareness for cruelty free brands, products and companies. The products, brands or companies which feature here on my blog and across social media (Instagram, Twitter) will be those I am genuinely passionate about and want to champion and all views expressed are those of my own and I will only post honest thoughts and reviews based on my true opinions. 


I am aways searching for cruelty free brands and products, which means I am open to working with new companies who may be wishing to raise awareness themselves and spread the word, so please feel free to get in touch if you have something you would like to send which we could use in collaboration or simply for an unbiased review to help exposure.

Please note any samples or products received will be tried and tested over a period of time (usually around 2 weeks) before a review is published.


The imagery used across my site and social media are all mine and I am very proud of them. I would appreciate permission requests to use or share them, and they must not be used or shared without permission.


Any affiliated / sponsored posts will be clearly marked and mentioned in any social media / blog posts.