More about me

I’m a blogging gal from the UK, I’m also a web designer by day and since starting blogging in early 2017, this been my favourite place to be.

Why ‘The Every Rose’? This came to me as a word-play attempt if you catch my drift? Every rose has it’s thorn and all that. Anyway. As much as I love beauty and skincare (and I really do), I’ve realised we are all too complex with a love of so many things it would be a shame to box ourselves in with just that one subject.

So, as well as beauty you’ll find topics on here like health, travel and all the other things that life throws at us. I like to dig a bit deeper into these topics though, especially those from personal experience.

Not everything is always so peachy and perfect and from time to time, we struggle with stuff and sometimes things need to be talked out. I want to say yes to being real, yes to being ourselves and encourage that, always.

Feel free to have a little snoop around, you know you want to and I hope you find something that inspires you. If you want to chat, you know where I am!

Quick fire round - me in 10 questions - go!

  1. I got married last year, quietly and unexpectedly

  2. I work for myself as a web designer

  3. I’ve just recently entered my thirties

  4. My dog = my world

  5. I suffer from severe anxiety, particularly travel

  6. I prefer natural, achievable beauty

  7. I feel totally myself when wearing: black or animal print of some descript

  8. I’m a homely girl and love my house (undergoing major reno)

  9. I overthink absolutely everything to the point it drives me crazy

  10. I’m a classic introvert and really don’t mind my own company. Like, at all.