The Benefits Of Argan Oil


I am not the hugest fan of all oils, because some can be very slimy in consistency and don't seem to want to absorb and that feeling of greasiness drives my crazy, but if you find the right one it can work wonders! As I am a (relatively new) member of the natural ingredients club I see 'Argan Oil' on so many products (shampoo, skincare, soaps etc) and my knowledge on the subject is that Argan oil originates from the nut of the 'Argan tree' and it has some pretty impressive qualities that we can take advantage of - but what does it actually do?


Forget Head and Shoulders! (literally, because they test on animals) but also who needs them when you have Argan oil which could be your little lifesaver for cases of dry, flaky scalp. Like some other oils, it's perfect for the hair as a conditioning treatment - overnight or otherwise - as it locks in moisture and acts as a protective barrier against heat styling AND is a fab way of keeping split ends and frizzy bits at bay.

Skin & Body

My main reason for choosing Argan oil personally is because it absorbs quickly and does not leave an oily residue and has been proven by fancy scientists to reduce and regulate sebum level - great news for anybody (like me) who suffers with generally oily skin! It's also a wonderful natural exfoliator and soothes sore, tender skin and stretch-marks.

Hands & Nails

The benefits of Argan oil are not just limited to skin, it's also great for nails (as mentioned above) and for me I have found it helps the colour to last with even with only a couple of coats! I also like to add a little drop to my cuticles prior to painting my nails as this keeps them looking healthy and neat beforehand (or, just to give your hands a little treat!)

I honestly have become so conscious about what I am using on my skin because you can just never be too sure, but as I've said before, nature gives us everything we need for beauty and we should use it wisely. I would recommend Holland and Barrett who are fantastic for Argan oil goodies and my favourite is Dr Organic - they do a wonderful range of everything 'Argan' you can think of, from deodorants and lip balms to shampoo and face masks - happy [beauty] days!