Switching To Natural Deodorants Review

Just to confirm, I am officially off of the fence, standing firmly in support of natural deodorants...

I have recently become a convert to natural deodorant after years of using standard off the shelf roll-ons that you find in Boots, Superdrug and all the other supermarkets. I am becoming increasingly conscious of the potentially harmful chemicals, parabens and additives which are found in certain products, especially cosmetics and toiletries like deodorants which are specifically targeted for sensitive areas like your under-arms. 

Commonly, the word 'natural' is thrown about by brands which leads us into thinking a product is full of natural, organic qualities. Sadly, this is usually a marketing ploy (those pesky things!) and just means they have just omitted a chemical - so, not natural at all really?

Pre-2017 I had never heard of anything like this and wouldn't have even considered it to be a realistic addition to my beauty regime. However, thanks to beauty subscription boxes like the Vertue Box [see post] and Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box [see post].

I've been able to recommend the following as effective natural deodorants, tried and tested by me!

Did you know? Ingredients like natural coconut oil and baking soda can achieve the same odour-blocking effects whilst being kind to your skin. 

So, why choose natural deodorant?
Fights odours all day, perfectly sized for travel, non toxic, natural ingredients, aluminium free, great for the gym, only a pea sized amount is needed!


Indigenous Beauty

Orange and Grapefruit

Part of their fab range of natural cream deodorants, this is a beautiful uplifting blend of beneficial, natural ingredients like Coconut Oil and unrefined Shea Butter.

Use the applicator wand to apply a pea sized amount and stay fresh and odour-free all day long (seriously!)

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Awake Organics


Aura Clean Deodorant

Part of their their lovely natural deodorant range, this is 100% natural with a gentle and energising aroma of cold-pressed coconut and olive oils like calming Lavender and Rosemary.

Apply easily and evenly to the underarm and stay fresh and odour-free all day long! (I mean it!)

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Let's keep the aluminium to drink cans only, shall we? Not our skin!

My advice is to always read the label so you know exactly what the product contains.

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