January's Skin Favourites

So far this year, my skin has been having a run of good luck. Well, I say luck but really it's dedication to keeping up with a consistent skincare regime and I've nailed it down to three or four reasons which could be responsible for this positive run. Although I find it difficult to stick to one particular routine when it comes to skincare, I have been making a real effort for the past month to do exactly that.

If I insist on changing up the products I'm using all the time, the reaction my skin has (whether it be negative or positive) will be undetermined as I will have no idea what's causing what! So, with that in mind here are the products which I think are responsible for my skin's happiness right now. All three have been used together in the same routine and, whilst they could be used individually and achieve similar results, I must say they have worked so well together in perfect harmony - not bad at all for all-natural ingredients. 

Flux Botanicals Healthy Glow Oil Review

Flux Botanicals
Healthy Glow Oil

Now, back in the day when I heard 'oils for skin' I would run a mile and oh, how naive I was to even think that! Our skin produces a natural oil and if the balance is upset in any way (whether it be from using something too aggressive on the skin or not giving it enough of what it needs, it's likely to become unhappy. The benefits of using oils on oily skin ironically outweigh the benefits of not using them on your skin as they help to retain that balance, ensuring your skin is maintained at it's optimal level. Since using the Healthy Glow oil from Flux Botanicals every evening (when I have a tad more time to pay attention to my skin) I've found the oily tendencies of my skin have reduced and I am not seeing that shiny, greasy look throughout the day and it's just so good at removing makeup! Unbelievable stuff.

Olofson Daily Moisturiser Review

Olofson Skincare
Daily Moisturiser

I am really quite picky when it comes to moisturisers, especially with the consistency, as I've come across some which are so thick it literally feels like you could scrape it off your skin and leaves it feeling greasy and sticky. I've also come across some moisturisers which are so light they almost vanish and leaves you wondering what the point is. Olofson Skincare have got the balance just right with this Moisture One daily face cream. It's a really lovely, light consistency that only requires a small amount which goes very far. It absorbs really quickly thanks to the Rosehip and Safflower extracts, which help to keep the skin looking and feeling calm and hydrated. 


The Konjac Sponge
Natural Cleansing

I've made no secret of my love for this incredible little sponge, it's small but mighty! It's probably one of the most effective cleansing sponges I've discovered to date and there's no way I'm not giving it any credit. It's made from 100% natural fibres, it's biodegradable and cruelty free (of course) and it's worked absolute wonders for my skin. You can also use this on it's own as it's very effective without the use of any products. I personally though think it's fantastic to use with cleansing balms - just saying!