Natural Bath Time Delights


Bath haters, turn away now. I am a self-confessed bath addict and for a while now I have been working on finishing up all my old products and replacing them with new, natural products which I hope will treat my skin a little better (considering the amount of time I spend in there).

I have a wonderful little selection which I keep in a pretty basket on the side of my bath (I would say it's just for me, but I know my other half has a little browse to see if anything takes his fancy!) - sharing is caring after all. 

It's been a bit of trial and error so far as not all the products I have tried have worked out all that well, one being a shampoo bar which I cannot for the life of me, get on with?

Aside from that, my main essentials for a luxurious, long, toasty soak are bubble bath or bath salts, soap, body scrub and candles (of course) and it's about time I featured my absolute favourite of them all: Nathalie Bond Rose & Patchouli Bath Salts. They smell incredible and leave the bathroom smelling beautiful too - bath salts for the win!


Why Rose Geranium Oil?

This mix boasts a sweet smelling, rose and citrus fragrance. Geranium oil is commonly used in aromatherapy to improve mental, physical and emotional health and for it's holistic benefits to alleviate anxiety. It can be used to minimise inflammation from irritating, sore skin conditions like acne.

Why Patchouli Oil?

Just a few drops of Patchouli oil can aid digestion, promote stimulation of the muscles, lifting and relieving depression and has natural antiseptic qualities. Mixed with rose oil and geranium you have a wonderful combination to rebalance, soothe and relax. That's why it makes a perfect addition to any bath time.