Alexa Sky Botanicals

Well, where do I start with Alexa Sky Botanicals ?

Actually, I'll start with their Cactus Fruit Eye Serum (this came with September's 'Revive' Skin Organics Beauty Box and I am in love with it!) I had to do a little research into Cacti-style fruits and found they are so ideal for their anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-aging properties and this roll on is no exception. Rollerballs are so handy as you can use to just sweep underneath your eye (I've been using it morning and night) and it provides the sensitive and delicate area of the surrounding eye with a natural, targeted treatment to brighten, smooth and firm. It's also quite cold which I think works wonders in the mornings when your eyes need a little (or large!) wake-me-up. 

The other product I just have to rave about is their Phyto Power Complex Facial Oil. I am still only relatively new to the suitability of face oils after avoiding them for so long thinking they will just make my oily skin worse - and I could shake myself now for being so naive! There is something really special about facial oils as they bring out a certain degree of radiance to your skin, and I've especially noticed this if I use oils after removing makeup - it's like they know just how to restore the skin balance lost from daily wear of makeup and removal and seem to suit all skin types. The consistency is absolutely perfect for giving skin a little massage treatment to your face and neck during application too - heavenly, right?

The Alexa Sky Phyto Power Facial Oil contains some of my favourite natural seed oils like Rosehip, Sea Buckthorn and Bergamot and is known to protect against electromagnetic pollutants and radiation with it's Malachite infusion for grounding, strengthening and emotional healing. I will admit the scent of some oils can be overpowering for my personal taste, but this is not the case with this at all.

Alexa Sky Botanicals should be very proud, both of these are truly wonderful products, versatile enough to act as a quick yet nourishing skin treatment and a longer, indulgent spa treatment at home. I think I'll continue my sampling of these products a little other words, I'm sold!

You can head over to their social media pages and/or their website where you can take a look and find out more about the products I've mentioned above - and all their other incredible products!