Fair and Square | FairSquared Ethical Skincare

I recently had the chance to try some beauty and skincare products from Fairsquared - a brand which, funnily enough, I have had my eye on for a while and have been following them on Twitter and Instagram

They do a wonderful range of all natural, organic skincare products, from face creams and body washes, to shaving sets and intimate health (ahem) - and - in addition to being cruelty free and vegan, they are also Fairtrade, which means they ensure their ingredients are ethically sourced and you can even find out exactly where ingredients come from!

Sadly (for me) I often find the scent of some natural ingredients too overpowering, but these Fairsquared products are spot on, subtle with just the right balance of natural oils such as Argan, Olive and Apricot Kernel and calming ingredients like Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. These are fab and work together in perfect harmony to ensure your skin stays well hydrated and protected against everyday environmental stresses.

These are well worth checking out if you are looking for new, natural brands and products to try. I love their ethos and passion for ethically sourced ingredients, with no nasty chemicals or additives because let's face it, who needs all that other 'stuff' anyway!

face cream.jpg


Face Cream



I am such a huge fan of anything Argan and Fairsquared Facial Creams are full of it! They offer light, medium and rich options so you can pick the right strength for your skin type. I am prone to oily skin, so I chose medium as I feel my skin always needs additional moisture but not too much or too little that it causes it to over-compensate!

It's also surprisingly mattifying, which is great for oily/combination skin suffers like myself and is a perfect morning moisturiser.


Coconut Scrub

Who doesn't love coconut? I can honestly say this is the most gentle body scrub I have ever tried, however the consistency is a little too loose for me and it just ends up sliding off before I've even had a chance...

The shower gel from the same range is the perfect accompaniment to any bathroom shelf in a handy pump-action container and is wonderful for rejuvenating the skin, I just wish it foamed up a little more as I do love a good lather up!