Stay Skin Hydrated | Floral Waters and Mists

As I am writing this, I feel like I am in a sauna. Somehow, I've found the energy to make my fingers move but I still can't find any respite from the heat and it's absolutely boiling everywhere right now. I remember writing a blog post previously about whether or not I find spritzers, mists, floral waters and sprays useful and I've actually replaced that post with this one - because now is the best time to find them useful and this is where they work their magic!

I do love the convenience of a mist and think they are the perfect solution to giving your pores a breather and are also fab for these hotter months to keep you feeling refreshed. I tend to back off using face moisturisers on hot days as it makes my face feel even oiler and I literally look like I could melt at any second, so a floral water spray is perfect not only to cool you down but to give your skin the boost it needs without clogging the pores and adding to shine. 

Of course during the cold months the last thing you want is a cold shock anywhere near your skin, so they are also useful with a cotton wool pad if you just can't stand that icy blast and but still want to use them because they are very lovely. 

The following face mists have been a wonderful accompaniment to my handbag during these sweltering temperatures and I'd easily recommend these for the simple fact they offer hydration on a really convenient basis and are so lovely, light and smell gorgeous. One of the main ingredients to look out for in something like this is rose, which is naturally fantastic for reducing redness and providing some welcome relief to hot and bothered skin.

There's no reason not to have one of these handy for general every day travels and holidays, so these are my top face mists from some really beautiful brands that you may or may not already recognise:


Earth Harbour are beach-themed and all their products are organically sourced and inside this gorgeous face mist you'll find the likes of Seaweed, Rose and Hibiscus, which all work together in a beautifully balanced blend without being overpowering or too watery.

These extracts are naturally youth-boosting and rich in anti-oxidants and suitable for all skin types (music to my ears) and it's versatile enough for use as a toner and of course as a welcome relief on hot days.


Zenon Kition
Pure Rose
Floral Water

I love a floral water spray because it's just so refreshing (no pun intended) to know it contains ingredients which treat and balance the skin at the same time as cooling you down. This pure rose water works wonders at soothing the skin and relieving symptoms of rosacea and works to cleanse and detoxify the skin. See why I love this?


Rosewater Balancing Mist

I find this particularly effective if I have had a reaction to something, which sadly occurs quite often in my life, and it works wonders at bringing the skin back to a state of calm. I wish they did this for my brain...This is one of the first product's I've tried from Jurlique which I actually won in a magazine competition and it came as a set along with their Rose Handcream. They both smell amaaaazing so am I glad that I discovered this? Yes!