Cosy Nights In, I Love 'Em!

I am your classic introvert and whilst we all have our own methods of relaxing, I prefer to spend time with something I can lose myself in; smart Panasonic TV, my Kindle, music, drinks (cheeky) and pretty much doing whatever it is I feel like doing in that moment that helps me esscape and unwind. It's my method of self care, and I wouldn't be without it.

As an introvert, a big bout of social interaction causes me to end up in what I would describe as a 'burnout', feeling quite drained because I have a stupid overly analytical brain and become overly stimulated quite easily. So, this is where pampering and pyjamas plays a big part in helping me unravel the tension - always paired perfectly with any of the above!

Living life on the edge, me - but that's who I am and a nights in is just my thing, and this is how I do it:

First step: Unwind the body with a bath

You'll need: bubbles, a bath bomb, bath salts and an actual bath (essential) and glass of bubbly (essential, but 0ptional)

If you're not a bath person, turn away now because you may find the following information disturbing. Let's kick things off with a hot, bubble bath (what even is a bath without bubbles?) I am a huge addict when it comes to soaking in the tub and I'd stay in there for hours if my skin could take it and I've discovered some really amazing bath accompaniments, which most likely just continue to increase the time I spend in there. My favourite bath products include the Peony & Pear Bath Slab from Miss Patisserie and organic bath salts from Nathalie Bond Organics - these make the bathroom such a pretty, beautifully scented place to be and do your skin the world of good - winning?

 I choose:  Nathalie Bond  Rose & Patchouli Bath Salts

I choose: Nathalie Bond Rose & Patchouli Bath Salts

 I choose:  Miss Patisserie  Peony & Pear Bath Slab

I choose: Miss Patisserie Peony & Pear Bath Slab

Second step: Unwind the mind with TV

You'll need: Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross

I'm talking about the big screen (or small, in this case) I feel like we've been spoilt with so many different choices along the way. Amongst them all, there will always be the timeless classics that stay with you and the ones you always end up watching, because they just never get old. To me, they're not just tv programmes they're almost like a comfort blanket and give you such a warm and fuzzy feeling, a feeling of contentment. Iconic programmes like Friends, Scrubs and Grey's Anatomy represent a certain time of my life and I always find myself watching them, perhaps even a  much simpler time, and they carry such nostalgia I just can't resist. Funnily enough, even now I can still recite the words to most episodes of Friends and always say this would be my speciality subject (if it ever came to needing one - which I doubt I ever would!). Have you checked The Vault music channel lately? Keep an eye out, because if you're like me and remember coming in from school all those years ago and plonked yourself down in front of the tv to watch Sister Sister and Sabrina the Teenage Witch, this channel shows re-runs and that really will take you back some and help take you back to a more care-free and innocent state of mind (at least for a while, anyway). 

...and just incase you need a little extra TLC

You may also need: a natural, hydrating face mask and sleep/eye mask

To accompany the above, you've got to have a good face mask for the ultimate pamper sesh. I've had some pretty unpleasant experiences with face masks, with my skin deciding to react last minute, with no prior warning and waiting until I've covered my entire face in the product before it kicks off with a burning sensation I know all too well. Now, if I had to choose a reliable face mask, it would be tricky as I've discovered so many amazing, natural brands which work with my skin. But, for the purpose of this blog post and picking only one, I would choose Opitat for my skin, and Spacemasks warming mask for my eyes - the two together are a match made in heaven (the latter not being suitable if watching tv at the same time, of course). I've never had any issues with these and they work wonders for my skin and get you all lovely and relaxed before bed - hurrah! 

 I choose:  Opitat  Nourishing Face Mask

I choose: Opitat Nourishing Face Mask

 I choose:  Spacemasks  Warming Relaxing Eyemask

I choose: Spacemasks Warming Relaxing Eyemask

I think we can all guess what I'll be doing tonight, following my own advice doesn't sound like a bad idea! What's your go-to way to relax or unwind?