My Spring Wish List

Come on Spring, you can do it! Just a little bit further and you're almost there, bringing us warmer weather where we can start thinking about ditching the scarves and flaunting the florals.

As I have mentioned many times previously, I have found it increasingly tricky to track down quality perfume brands to see me through all year round, something I can use through the Winter months and into warmer months. So, amongst all of my research I think I've found my answer with the Clive Christian Luxury Perfume range for Him & Her - it's glorious, British and here's why it has earned a well deserved place at number one on my Spring Wishlist.

Deciding on a fragrance says a lot about self expression and I don't feel complete unless I am wearing perfume, it's that finishing touch to your day and night and if I've got it right, perfume always somehow manages to lift my mood. The Clive Christian range caters for that expression with their range of carefully crafted luxury fragrances, with each collection bursting with the knowledge of what it takes to deliver the quality aspect of any perfume. For me, I look to perfumes as a way to represent me, effortlessly, with distinctive tones like crisp, fruity essences (which are my favourites). I get such warm and fuzzy feeling when I recognise someone just by the perfume they are wearing (especially my Mum), for me it's a feeling like no other - that's what I want and that's what Clive Christian strive to achieve, for both him and her!

Since embarking on a whole new beauty journey, I've becoming increasingly aware of what I am using in and on my body. I am still discovering some wonderful ingredients and learning to understand how and where to recognise them in products. Natural ingredients and scents represent so many wonderful elements I think it's a shame that not all perfumes care enough to refine something like this. Just some of the tones in Clive Christian include apple, pear and patchouli (to name a few) and these would work really well in perfect harmony, designed to compliment each-other, in both masculinity and femininity when worn together and if you can deliver this in a fragrance, you're onto a winner!

Their range for him captures the essence of what I imagine masculinity to be. With bold, musky tones with hints of vanilla and frankincense, giving off those woody vibes I associate with that delicious warming scent of mens fragrance. When I think of feminine fragrance, I think of not only floral tones but also crisp, sweet and fruity (like apple and pear as mentioned above), the type of tones that are not overwhelming or overpowering and will stay with you all day / night long and get you noticed.

The warmer temperatures approaching are all about keeping cool, crisp and refreshed and I much prefer a one-stop shop when it comes to finding a beauty brand I can rely on as it saves so much time and effort, especially if you are looking for a gift for somebody, or even yourself, and this range would be spot on. I get so excited about perfumes and the fact I have discovered Clive Christian has made me proud as punch. You can really tell a lot of thought goes into the elegant design of their products which makes them such a wonderful gift to loved ones (or as a gift from you, to you!).